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I don’t really write , but today I did.

It’s not my Birthday anymore lol

I don’t really write on here but since I’m typing I’m working on my site which I’ll launch soon (soon meaning I don’t really know) and will try and revamp this tumblr with up with photos and stuff


If I holla at you it’s cause I think you’re cool. Simple as that.

whoisjamesgreen: Happy Birthday man, have a good one.

Safe bro

Happy Birthday to Me


eri-ifewilliams: liking your stuff. Keep up the good work

Thanks man. Hopefully this year I’ll have my site done and dusted so you can see all of my work.

Farah // 2013 PREVIEW ll
Anonymous: Your work is amazing dude! What cameras do you use?

Thank you, much appreciated. I use a Nikon D60 & an Olympus mju ll Zoom 80